We are running a trip to France between the 14th to 19th of June this year. We will be exploring the Champagne region, basing ourselves in Reims.

Demand for the trip has been high and we have now reached 21 riders and six pillions. In view of the numbers, the trip is now closed.

For those on the trip, more information will be posted on the website and the RAMG Facebook page in due course.

RAMG Trip to France 2018

One thought on “RAMG Trip to France 2018

  • February 13, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    Preparing from the trip to France

    Whilst the trip is a few months yet, it is worth checking out and ensuring you will comply with French Law as it relates to motorcycles and motorcyclists. I came across this website which seems quite comprehensive. http://www.drive-france.com/products/motorcycling-france-legal-requiremets/ . I am not endorsing this site and please note that you can buy the various items like helmet and GB stickers etc elsewhere.
    PLease note the requirements regarding what documentation you need to take and ensure you understand the rules regarding “Priorite a droite” which can be confusing and dangerous. It is worth checking out the section on road signs.
    More to follow.

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